January 20, 2022

Blackjack guide: Navigate you to the first place

Have you ever heard of a blackjack manual? Well, the blackjack guides are great, and they are all especially useful. The blackjack guides will tell you more than just the basics of how to win first place.

When you start playing online mobile blackjack, around 85% of the players make a big mistake. They start playing cash games like cash games and they fail. They are discouraged because their pocket aces are lost in their pocket 6. Not only did they lose their aces, but, most importantly, they lost all the money in one hand. When you lose all your bankroll, your mind goes crazy. I know what mine did. I would lose 50 dollars, immediately take out my credit card and deposit another 50. Once I was in poor condition, in college and without a job.

I was almost at the end of my blackjack career and I was worried about how much money I lost last year. My friend finally introduced me to Sit n go’s, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

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Sit and go are excellent and much better than cash games due to many factors.

The main factors are the following:

  1. You have a buy-in set, if you lose this set, then this is the maximum amount of money you can lose if you fail and no more. The Las Vegas blackjack guide I read was a blow to the head. This is one of the best moments I’ve ever heard. Blackjack is a game of bad parts, even if you have the best hand on the flop; you will surely suffer bad punches. The key to bad kicks is having enough chips to survive a bad kick. NO, I REPEAT, I DO NOT does everything and risk all your chips if you do not have nuts or SENSITIVITY, that definitely has the best hand.
  1. Sit and go in several tables: currently I play on average 6 or more sit and go at the same time to get a stable income. I highly recommend that you do not start Sit and Go tournaments at several tables until you master the art of playing a single game. Once you start to win at least 65% of the games at the same table, you can move to two or more Sit and Go. When you play at several seating and walking tables, 6 or more, you should start that way. The first 3 sets of n go should start immediately, wait until the blinds increase 5 to 6 times, then start with the next 3. Usually, at the beginning of each screen and on average, the first 20 hands fall. This will give you a short break and allow you to play as many seats at the same time.

I hope these 2 tips will help you and bring you a lot of well-earned income. There is no better feeling than mastering the art of winning a sit-and-go. There is a way to earn a lot of money not to play!

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