Learn How to Play Craps

Learn how to play craps online

Craps is an action filled form of gambling

The craps table in a casino is never difficult to find when the dice are hot. Just look for a loud bunch of folks cheering and shouting. Craps players are the total opposite of the quiet and subdued blackjack players studying their cards in silence.

Beginners are just learning how to play craps are uneasy the first time they approach the craps table. There is a first time for everyone, though, and nearly every beginner felt intimidated initially. With a little bit of knowledge and some hands-on observation, you’ll loosen up and scream right along with the rest of them.

Craps strategy is much easier than people initially think. The game may appear overwhelming at first, but upon closer observation, it is easy to grasp how everything works. You can learn how to play craps quickly if you want.

When the dice are hot, craps is a fast-moving game that doesn’t allow time for asking questions for newcomers just learning how to play craps. You should start out with small, straightforward bets initially, keeping to basic craps strategy. Close game observation is a terrific hands-on technique for learning how to play craps.

How to play craps

There are countless strategies for betting in the game, and it will take some time to grasp the most advanced ones. Simple basic craps strategy at first is best, working your way on to new techniques as you gain more experience.

It is better to grasp some essential knowledge about the basic game methods before launching right into advanced craps strategy. You need to get a feel for the craps table and the personnel who are responsible for running it.

Double layout craps tables are typical in casinos today. The table personnel consists of the boxman, the stickman, the dealers, and the floor man.

The boxman typically wears a suit and tie and sits on the craps table’s long side. He guards the chips and cash; consider him the overseer and the banker. In the event of any disputes, his word is final.

The stickman, as you might guess, uses a lengthy stick to manipulate the dice on the craps table. He/she operates directly across from the boxman and calls the game. As soon as all payouts for a roll are complete, the stickman returns the dice to the shooter.

The stickman’s territory is the table’s center layout. He calls out each dice roll’s results and prompts players to get their bets in place. He also manages all proposition bets, commonly referred to as “one roll bets.”

Dealers occupy the table on both ends. The dealers handle payoffs, bets, and they collect on losing bets. The two side areas accommodate the players. In proper craps etiquette, dealers are not supposed to come in physical contact with the craps players.

The floorman is responsible for keeping an overall eye on a smooth operation, usually on multiple tables. He is also the “credit manager” for the players, handling any requests for casino credit.

The shooter is the dice handler selected from among the craps players. A shooter must use only one hand when handling and throw the dice. Casino personnel and craps players are not amused by shooters jokingly violating casino etiquette regarding dice handling.

A shooter is not to tamper or toy with the dice. He/she must not exchange the dice back and forth between their hands. There are very specific rules regarding dice handling.

If a player feels he/she cannot abide by the rules, it is perfectly acceptable to refuse the offer to shoot, letting the opportunity pass to another player.

In depth

In addition to the one handed shooter rule, there are some additional stipulations. The shooter must throw, not slide, the craps dice. The dice must bounce off the craps table’s opposite sidewall, directly across from the shooter. The dice cannot land on the boxman’s chips or the dealer’s money, either.

Be sure to remember that craps dealers are not allowed to touch the players. Your money exchanges need to be placed directly on the craps table layout rather than handing them directly to the dealers.

Once you’ve placed your exchange on the layout, inform the dealer where the money is to be placed by saying “change only” or the amount of the bet you are placing.

Now that you know the basics of the table layout and the responsibilities of the craps table personnel, you are ready to advance on how some more intensive craps strategy on bet types and placement. Anyone can learn how to play craps. Just take it slow and focus on developing advanced craps strategy one step at a time.

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