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The Big 5, is the name of our dynamic casino team and this is our very own portal. Together we have 65 years of experience from all areas of gambling. Be it online, brick and mortar or any other form of gambling establishment, we have been there and done that!

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Casino portals world wide that we put our trust in


Casinomeister is a great and trusted portalCasinomeister is the number one portal for casino players worldwide. The site has been around since the end of the 90s, and has since then become one of the most trusted sources for players all around the world. We still frequent this site daily and we really think you should do so to!

Casinomeister also has a system for complaining about casinos. It has been in use for years, and is a trusted system both by players as well as the casinos. The meister acts as kind of an intermediary between players and operators. This is something very unique and we have to give a big hand to the people over at Casinomeister!


Kasinoportaali.fi is a finnish trusted casino portalKasinoportaali is a very trustworthy portal on all things iGaming and casino in Finland. The Finnish casino players are traditionally a very demanding crowd, so naturally the portal take in to account every possible aspect of online gambling. The portal also acts as an intermediary between Finnish online casinos and the players.

As for many smaller markets and marginal languages, local small portals with knowledge about the players in question are to be preferred. So if you are a finnish casino player looking for information about gambling and casinos in Finland, be sure to check out kasinoportaali.


kasinosverige is a massive swedish casino portal for demanding playersKasinosverige is another local casino portal focusing on the very demanding Swedish players. What players need in Sweden, might be completely different from what players in the UK demand. We always suggest going local when looking for information about online gambling, and Kasinosverige is a perfect site for all you Swedish players out there.

The site has a very healthy section of reviews of Swedish online casinos as well as in depth analytical articles on different su